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Welcome To Spencer's Site for GITA!!

This is the First Semester Flash Page

Check out my Snake Project from last year.
After Downloading the File proceed with these directions to play
1. Unzip
2. Go into the Snake Folder
3. Go into Bin Folder
4. Go into Debug Folder
5. Run Snake Application
6. Have Fun!!

The outline is not coded by me

Hello, I am Spencer Woo and I am enrolled in GITA. I hopefully will become a programmer for some company and GITA helps me to prepare for that future job. In GITA we learn how to program, and this year we are learning Flash.
To view my projects please click the links at the left.

In the Future -
1)Upload more projects
2)Change site look (add Flash)

Please view my website through IE (Interet Explorer)
If you find any bugs (or suggestions) while viewing this website through IE feel free to contact me at

Thank You!!

Last Updated : 6/8/2011